To the new communication

A Matter of Trust

hard to create and nurture trusted relationships and reputation with stakeholders


In a changing world, organizations are called to strengthen bonds of trust with their stakeholders. Managing trust in a company, as it is done in human relationships, is the essence of our strategic model wich was created by a team of psychologists, anthropologists and communicators.

This model frames the narrative of the company around its own skills, consistency, coherence, transparency, focus on values ​​and contribution to the goals we all have as society and with our the planet.

Thanks to our team of senior consultants, journalists, communicators, creatives, we can offer integrated work to strengthen trust, among which the following stand out:

• Reputational and regulatory challenges mapping

• Stakeholder engagement plan

• Reputational metrics • Data intelligence focused in offline and online conversation measurement

• Digital corporate strategies and content • Employer brand strategies and internal culture

• Corporate narrative on sustainability, culture, employer brand, social impact, innovation, among others.

Don't Panic

We work with responsibility and agility on incidents and risk management.

Corporate reputation

Is your company in the middle of a crisis? Are you anticipating a crisis in your brand? Are you prepared to face a digital or media stress?

  • Without a doubt, reputation affects organizations growth and stability, therefore we make sure that all of our clients maintain their good name in the long term. In Babel we call our risk model the 5 A’s ANTICIPATE, ALERT, ANALYZE, ACT, AKCNOWLEDGE AND LEARN from incidents that may affect reputation.
  • Babel has a team of consultants who have handled many high-profile issues and managed to transform unpleasant or destructive narratives in a short period of time.
  • We understand the sense of urgency given the high speed with which digital channels may affect and spread harmful information. We are focused on immediately defusing the tonality that is affecting the brand and working quickly to change and make sure the narrative is well balanced.
  • The consulting team makes sure to view each scenario completely and holistically to ensure that an incident can always be seen as an opportunity to understand your audience with a positive message.
  • We support with spokeperson training, media response and profile management both, digital and non digital media.

Being a Native

Babel has a team of talented communicators, journalists, bloggers, consultants, influencers, designers and 100% digital native creatives. We didn't have to adapt to the digital transformation of communication and marketing. Babel was born in the digital age, and for this reason it is considered a native digital communications agency with the skills and experience to bring to the table strategies throughout the digital ecosystem, highlighting: * Earned content, attraction influencers and alliances Media Relations, Bloggers, Influential Journalists, opinion Leaders responses to detractors, converted detractors, loyals into ambassadors, content from alliances with foundations, NGOs and communities among others. * Shared content Corporate digital narrative, digital calendars, social networks plan, creative formats, digital spokespersons profiling on linkedin, Q&A's, educational campaigns and brand campaigns. * Owned content Expertly curated content creation, employee and customer stories, user generated content curation, reviews, brand journalism, blog creation, vlogs and podcasts among others. * Boosted and paid content Strategy and brand ambassadors plans, Native Advertising and digital campaigns

Influential Influence

Babel is pioneer in methodologies to segment and quantify actions with influencers

Thanks to the Babel Influence Index, we have a whole map with more than 2,000 influential people at the digital level, segmented by activists, TV hosts, athletes, academics, among others. The Influene team has managed to segment groups of influencers by archetypes and editorial profile beyond the number of their followers. We have worked with more than 2,000 people, including celebrities, authorities, analysts, experts, journalists, activists, buzzers and micro-influencers. We have extensive experience developing activities with Colombian and Latin American influencers, which range from content as protagonists, experiences, educational campaigns, mobilizing strategies, challenges, trends, surveys, among others.

Brand That Brand

Babel has a dedicated team of senior creatives who are passionate about marketing and brand building. We have experience on positioning strategies, brand tone and archetype definition, creative campaigns, promotional campaigns, and successful strategies to generate awareness , leads, conversion. Our design team has been involved in high brand identity developments and brand manual implementation.